How Experience Impacts Entrepreneurship

So you want to be an “entrepreneur?” For those of you who are fans on the ABC series The Goldbergs, you may recall a recent episode where older bother Barry declares his intention to become a “billionaire entrepreneur.” This sounds like an excellent career path; however, the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is riddled with obstacles and failures. Indeed, it often takes multiple attempts to break through in the “real world” as a successful entrepreneur. With that comes experiences, and the following article points out a few key lessons young entrepreneurs learn during their first five years in the “real world.” Check it out…

How Entrepreneurship Changes You After Five Years

One thought on “How Experience Impacts Entrepreneurship

  1. Although i have not seen that Goldberg episode, Barry’s declaration seems to be the norm. Nowadays my millennial generation wants all the money and fame associated with people like Mark Zuckerberg but fail to understand what it takes to get there. This article provided unique insight how tough and grueling becoming an entrepreneur truly is. For our generation that wants everything done yesterday it will be interesting to see how our generation takes on entrepreneurial careers. Moreover, I really appreciated the author’s line where he said, “The only way to build that kind of quiet confidence is through experience and self-awareness.” I think this quote is not only applicable to entrepreneurship but to any career.