Artificial Intelligence and the Entrepreneur

I found this article fascinating because artificial intelligence has always been associated with large, expensive super computers and Fortune 500 companies. IBM’s Watson comes to mind, or learning networks we vaguely know exist at Google, Microsoft, and Adobe that replace human programmers.
But artificial intelligence, just like other innovations, have gotten cheaper and more widely available. That means the entrepreneur is affected. It’s become almost a cliche to say artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword, and that metaphor is accurate here.
Increasingly available artificial intelligence means that entrepreneurs can incorporate the technology into their business with ease, denying large institutional commercial enterprises an advantage they have long held due to economies of scale.
It also means that an entrepreneur’s work can be rendered obsolete.
I believe one thing is certain – entrepreneurs cannot ignore artificial intelligence as being something that affects only large enterprises any longer.  Entrepreneurship does not exist in a vacuum.

One thought on “Artificial Intelligence and the Entrepreneur

  1. I agree with the above article. I think the AI use will be very prevalent in the future. Here’s an article about how AI will impact Human Resources. I think it will be increasingly important for resumes to have the write words, phrases, and lingo to better match HR software to make the cut for an interview. I think the future holds entrepreneurial opportunities for resume building professionals.