Net Neutrality and the Entrepreneur

This is a one-sided article, but it does raise interesting points regarding the impact of net neutrality laws (or lack thereof) on entrepreneurs and/or small businesses. I think of this from two different angles:

First, if paying for data prioritization is allowed, and the entrepreneur/small business is one whose business model heavily depends upon customers being able to access their website, the small business may not be able to afford to outbid larger competitors. The website may therefore be slow, and customers may become upset with the wait and switch to a different provider (e.g.,

Second, small businesses may experience a negative effect generally from the data prioritization. For example, if a small business needs to purchase a specialty product, it may experience difficulty in reaching the company that sells this specialty product if it cannot afford to pay for priority data transmission. This leads to a kind of cascading effect.

There are interesting arguments on both sides of the issue: Pure capitalism v. net neutrality. This article presents one point of view on the debate.

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