3 thoughts on “3 Ways Forward-Thinking Companies Are Engaging Millennials

  1. I think a leaderboard is a great idea. I think if the law school created a leaderboard in annual club volunteer hours we could motivate law students to donate more hours to volunteering at local charities. This strategy would have friendly competition between the law clubs, and law students are known to be competitive 🙂

  2. These are pretty good suggestions but I think it is pretty US centric. I also like the idea of gamification of workplaces but there have to be careful controls. My prior business what recruiting, where my clients and products were people. When you make a game out of someone’s career in the name of motivating and driving profit, you start to raise ethical concerns. Are people competing to boost their numbers internally and hit their sales goals, are they acting in the best interests of their clients?

  3. A lot of what motivates me as a lawyer is competition, and generally, I think the goals most lawyers have is to win. But I agree with Riley that gamification may lead to perverse incentives and ethical concerns should be considered. I do, however, believe that gamification could be positive, especially among millennials if the incentives were based on social causes or improving wellness. One incentive I can imagine being negative would be having employees compete for a salary bonus.