4 Entrepreneurship Lessons The Great Outdoors Can Teach Us

I thought this article made some interesting points. My favorite excerpt was as follows: “How many times in business have you felt sure of something and ignored your intuition? Maybe your gut told you that a new client would be a time suck, or that taking on a particular project would cost you more money than it would make. Next time, believe it. Trust your gut.” While I believe that many entrepreneurial skills can be taught, I also think that there are certain things that can’t necessarily be learned in a classroom. I like how this article focused on some of these aspects in a unique way.


One thought on “4 Entrepreneurship Lessons The Great Outdoors Can Teach Us

  1. My favorite part of this article was when the author mentioned: “everyone’s path is different.” This is extremely important for me and entrepreneurs around the world in that everyone needs to understand that everything is not a competition and innovation is beneficial in the fact that it builds on each other. Innovation will allow for future growth and that it does not mean every should focus on the same path. Everyone have their own path and pace in life and one day, we will all achieve success and happiness.