Sports Businesses Using Entrepreneurial Skills to Disrupt the Marketplace

I thought this article was interesting for more than just sport fanatics. It describes how 11 different businesses are using technology in innovative ways to not only enter the marketplace, but to also fortify their position as a mainstay in the sport’s world. I was particularly intrigued by the innovations in the Atlanta Braves’ Stadium, the collaboration of Uber and Fanatics, and the new direction taken by TOPPS to ‘revive’ the trading card demand.

One thought on “Sports Businesses Using Entrepreneurial Skills to Disrupt the Marketplace

  1. I think it is incredibly empowering that companies like Asiya are forming to create products like their “modest active wear” for women in conservative countries to play sports.

    In every country, sports are and have been a universal community activity. It is truly a disgrace to the progress of civilization that women have been oppressed from participating for this long. While it might be argued that companies like Asiya are only promoting an oppressive culture, I would argue that they are taking the necessary steps for those societies to develop.

    As ALA Hart makes note in his writings in Jurisprudence, customary norms have the potential to eventually grow into laws. Changing the custom of women participation in sports aids the development of better laws that establish equal protection for women in those societies.