Elon Musk on Lean Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This is a pretty interesting article about Elon Musk and Tesla that touches both on lean entrepreneurship and innovation. Musk believes he can utilize robotic technology to drastically increase the productivity of his next factory. He estimates that his factory for the “new model Y” will be able to produce one million vehicles a year, which would make it the busiest factory in the world.

Interestingly, many doubt that Elon’s dream factory will ever become a reality. Without really explaining why, the article discusses that practical concerns may derail the planned factory. Apparently there are still things that need to be done by actual people. It will be interesting to see whether Elon Musk will prove these doubters wrong.

One thought on “Elon Musk on Lean Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  1. really cool and super relevant post. the reading talked about how small innovations might be better for large, established companies rather than large innovations. The reading also talked about how sales are not about the seller selling, but the buyer buying. This would make Elon’s logic pretty risky, since he’s assuming that there will be demand for his million cars a year. But then again, last weeks’ reading talked about the founder of UHaul and how his customer prospects were nearly non existent, and yet he still succeeded there.