Intellectual Property Rights and Laws Protecting Entrepreneurs

This brief article presents some arguments supporting the value of Intellectual Property Rights and how their enforcement can be valuable to entrepreneurs. The article suggests that entrepreneurs have been frustrated with the application of IP laws as a hindrance to their business efforts, but this article serves as a reminder that IP law protects all business, including entrepreneurial ventures.

One thought on “Intellectual Property Rights and Laws Protecting Entrepreneurs

  1. Matthew, I enjoyed reading this brief article. I believe it also serves as an interesting comparative analysis with the current IP law situation in India. I agree that it is time to shrug off the pessimism surrounding intellectual property rights, but I believe it will take some time to fully change the mindset of businesses. The key, as mentioned in the article, will be using those rights wisely and effectively.

    I also find it interesting that obtaining IPR registrations in India is now more feasible and are granted easily if the startups have the right kind of inventions and accurate legal proofs. It might be a step in the right direction, but being too lenient with the registrations can result in a slippery slope (it can undermine the importance of IP law). In any case, it will be interesting see how the developments in India progress.