Invitation to INVANTI Event!

Last year a member of the Notre Dame community, Maria Gibbs, co-founded a startup generator for social entrepreneurship.  Her company is INVANTI and they are showcasing the results of their first year tonight.  She invited me to this invite-only event and authorized me to extend the invitation to all of you!

The startups INVANTI has generated are:

  • Hurry Home provides alternative financing for homes valued at $50,000 or less, creating opportunities for wealth creation for low-to-moderate income families.
  • Bedrock creates an environment where people in recovery from addiction are supported and enabled to make decisions that stabilize and improve their financial health.
  • Save your Savings rewards people for saving rather than spending by automatically finding and saving users’ money in their everyday shopping, and then storing those extra dollars in a rainy-day account, with more rewards tied to saving more.
  • Last Loan enables banks to better support their commercial clients with employee financial health programs.

The event should be inspiring and helpful in thinking about our upcoming projects.  I hope to see you all there!–

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