There’s still hope for us guys!

According to this article, there’s still hope for those of us who haven’t successful incorporated and exited their own business.

“According to a working paper from MIT Sloan professor Pierre Azoulay and Ph.D. student Daniel Kim, the average age of entrepreneurs who’ve started companies and gone on to hire at least one employee, is 42 years old.”

Rejoice! but seriously, what’s the best marker for success? According to this study — it’s previous experience in the field. Experience trumps a formal education, previously held wealth, everything — I thought this quote was great as it truly exemplifies how we should approach the world (particularly as man individuals in our class are about to graduate).

“… there is this social perspective that you should be an entrepreneur right now, rethink that, because you might have a great idea but you might not have the right skills or experience to really propel that idea,” Kim said. “Think about career paths as options, not just as absolute paths.”Read more at:


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