Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant: A Proposal for Raising OER Awareness and Implementation at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). Marie Barber, Heath Tuttle, Andrew J. Cano, Michael Jolley, Sushma Jolly, Catherine Fraser Riehle, Guieswende Rouamba, Bradley Severa, Stefanie J. Zahourek.
Funding for educating and raising awareness about OER at UNL.
$50,000 ~ Awarded 2017


Graduate Student Assembly Special Projects Grants Program, Guieswende Rouamba, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Funding for designing a self-paced online professional development module (via Canvas) to equip GTAs with a knowledge of Universal Design Principles to develop inclusive face-to-face and online courses.
$985 ~ Awarded 2017


College of Arts & Sciences Instructional Improvement Fund, Guieswende Rouamba and Michael Jolley, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Funding for: Preparing graduate assistants to teach online: An online professional development training course for Arts & Sciences graduate teaching assistants and graduate students.
$10,000 ~ Awarded 2016