Final Blogpost

This class has stretched me in many different ways. It has challenged my way of thinking and has opened my eyes to new perspectives. I came into this class just excited to learn more about black history. I always knew I would want to educate myself on my history once I got to college, but it had always bothered me that I had to wait until now. That said, this class has allowed me to reflect on a passion I have had for a long time. I often found myself enjoying the readings and essays we completed, and I always had a lot of thoughts. I guess a lot of thoughts brewing from over the last 19 years.

I am now able to look at society and see how Baldwin saw society. This class allowed me to get in the head of Baldwin and see the world through his eyes. That was an experience within itself because he has made such a large impact even in our world today. I think the biggest take away I am getting from this class is the impact identity has on racism in America. Everyone is in search for an identity, and racism is a sign of searching. It provides me with a new perspective to look out at the world in. This is something I will continue to carry into my next 3 years at Notre Dame and so on.