Working Papers

Jeffrey H. Bergstrand, Stephen R. Cray, and Antoine Gervais, Increasing Marginal Costs, Firm Heterogeneity, and the Gains from “Deep” International Trade Agreements, July 2021. (PDF File)

Scott L. Baier, Jeffrey H. Bergstrand, Mitch Gainer, and Tao Xu, The Gravity Equation for Foreign Direct Investment: Some Microeconomic Foundations and Empirical Evidence, November 2018.

Technical Supplements and Older Working Papers

Scott L. Baier and Jeffrey H. Bergstrand, Technical Supplement to Bonus Vetus OLS: A Simple Method for Approximating International Trade-Cost Effects using the Gravity Equation, February 2009. (PDF File)

Scott L. Baier and Jeffrey H. Bergstrand, On the Endogeneity of International Trade Flows and Free Trade Agreements, August 2002. (PDF File) [Retitled April 2003, Endogeneous Free Trade Agreements and the Gravity Equation.]