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Paper accepted to IEEE Transactions on Computers!

Our paper “Accelerating Finite-Field and Torus FHE via Compute-Enabled (S)RAM” has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Computers! As described by TC’s Editor-in-Chief: “TC is the IEEE Computer Society’s flagship journal and is considered a lead archival publication in the field of computing. It publishes high-quality research that is timely and relevant to researchers in academia, industry, and government laboratories. Google Scholar ranks TC as the top journal in computer hardware design, and TC’s impact factor remains the highest among its competitors.”

My coauthors are Dayane Reis (U. South Florida), Ting Gong (U. Washington – Seattle), Michael Niemier (Notre Dame), X. Sharon Hu (Notre Dame), and Taeho Jung (Notre Dame).

Upcoming: Invited Talk at Seagate Research Group

On June 7, 2023, I will be giving an invited talk to the Data Trust team at Seagate Research Group! My talk, “Privacy-Preserving Computation”, will present an overview of several of his projects in the area of Data Security and Privacy, including my work at Notre Dame, Google, and Meta (formerly Facebook). Topics include hardware acceleration of homomorphic encryption, privacy-preserving contact tracing, trusted hardware, and large-scale secure data aggregation.