A collection of miscellaneous facts and some (past) achievements:

For Employers:

  • US Citizenship
  • Previously interned at Meta and Google
  • Strong programming skills in C++, C, Python. Very comfortable with Linux: my main OS is Manjaro, and I frequently use Ubuntu.
    • Familiar with the PALISADE, Microsoft SEAL, NTL, and GMP libraries
    • Some experience with Java, C#, MUMPS (most readers will need to follow the link), Visual Basic 6


Boy Scouts of America

  • Eagle Scout rank achieved in the rank’s Centennial year (2012), with the special badge to show for it
  • Order of the Arrow – Brotherhood
  • Held elected office as Senior Patrol Leader (troop’s elected head) and Patrol Leader. Earned Honor Patrol 3 times as Patrol Leader.
  • Didn’t earn the Computers merit badge

Gaming (past achievements)