First Paper Conferences

For your convenience, I’m posting the schedule for the paper conferences on your rough drafts below.  If you’re not on the list yet, please send me an email and let me know whether you can make it at one of the times marked “EMPTY.”

Each one of you will meet with me for 15 minutes.  Please be punctual, as this is not a whole lot of time.  When you arrive, I’ll have a printed copy of your rough draft waiting for you, with some marginal annotations to point out awkward sentences, logical fallacies, and the like.  You can look over these at a later time; our conversation will focus instead on more global issues and on how you might improve the paper when you revise it.  At the end, I will tell you what grade I would currently give your essay.

It’s your responsibility to come prepared to discuss your argument, and to take notes.  Unlike all later assignments that you submit to me, I will not provide a whole lot of written feedback – that’s why we are meeting in person!


4:00 Caitlin

4:15 Kaitlin

4:30 Ivana

4:45 Charlie



12:30 Megan

12:45 Allie

1:00 EMPTY

1:15 Jina

1:30 EMPTY

1:45 Lindsey

2:00 Kevin

2:15 Clare

2:30 Zach

4:00 Lily

4:15 Laura

4:30 Annalise

4:45 EMPTY

5:00 Erin

5:15 Cristina

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