Retail Me Not – Interrace

By Shanice Cox

If you were not at yesterday’s Interrace Forum: Retail Me Not you truly missed out on great food and even better conversation. Dr. Tonya Bradford graced us with her thought-provoking insight and down to earth spirit. We began with a clip from the episode What Would You Do- Shopping While Black and then Dr. Bradford proceeded with defining Consumerism, and the “power of the dollar”.  This discussion went from discrimination within the retail market, to understanding the value of the lives of human beings. She went on to explain that although injustice might not affect you directly, as a member of the human race we should take action in regards to retail corporations who take advantage of workers that are of a certain age, race, or gender. Furthermore, Dr. Bradford explained the differences between hyper-consumerism and hyper-loyalty, and used anecdotes of people who are racially profiled that go back to the store consecutively to prove that they do in fact belong and can afford to shop in the high-end retail markets. When the crowd got involved in the discussion, we concluded that society as a whole does not truly value human life if the issues has not affected them, and even so, no one is passionate enough about taking a stand and making a change. Overall, thumbs up MSPS. I can’t wait for the next month.

Know Your Rights: Know Your Limits

Know Your Rights: Know Your Limits

The October Interrace Forum “Know Your Rights: Know Your Limits” was appropriate for two major reasons.  The first is that it addressed one of the issues highlighted at the March 5, 2012 Call to Action meeting. The second in preparation for the BC game and life it is prudent that one knows the law, how to conduct oneself and file complaints if you believe you are stopped unjustly.

NDSP Assistant Chief Keri Shibata, ND Law Professor Jim Gurule and third year law student Mauri Miller educated students and administrators on how to conduct themselves during an encounter with law enforcement personnel. Assistant Chief Shibata talked about the NDSP jurisdiction, their role and how to file a complaint.  Professor Gurule explained the Fourth and Fifth Amendments and that you could decline a search or anything that might incriminate yourself.  Mr. Miller offered the student’s perspective. He stressed that it was crucial not to escalate the situation and to understand thoroughly the Miranda Rights.  All reiterated not to argue with officers in the moment. If you have a concern ask to speak with a supervisor or file a report the next day or as soon as possible.


The information provided constitutes precious life lessons. As a daughter of a police officer, the panelists reaffirmed points that my father shared as I entered college.  The Interrrace Advisory Committee is very appreciative that they took time to share the knowledge with the students and administrators present last month.  Thank you to our panel and those in attendance.


Wishing safe travels to those who are trekking to Boston this weekend.