How do I get on the team?

Everyone must attend tryouts! In the fall, stop by our NDWCVB booth at the Activities Fair to sign up for tryouts and get on our mailing list for info on an open gym (to get the rust off)! The activities fair will be publicized by your dorm and various other clubs so keep an eye out for the date/time/location. It is usually held within the first two weeks of school.

There will be at least one open gym that NDWCVB players will run for you to get reps. *this is not tryouts and is not mandatory*

For tryouts, there will be two rounds. Show up early to tryouts on the first day so you can stretch and we can assign you a number. After this round, cuts will be made and those who move on to the final round will be notified. We highly encourage girls to come tryout again the following fall if they didn’t make the team the previous year!

How many people do you take per year?

It depends! We usually have 15 people total on our team because that is the max number of players you can bring to Nationals. So, depending on our returning players, each year we will look for different positions. This does not necessarily mean that we will pass up on players that are exceptional. Some players may have to be flexible and tryout as another position if they want a spot/playing time.

What level of skill are the players on the team?

All of our players were on competitive club teams and were all on varsity in high school. Volleyball was everyone’s main sport! We all love volleyball! Our team is typically in the top 10 for nationally ranked collegiate club volleyball too!

If you are unsure if you meet this level of play, at least come to open gym to get a feel for the skill level! And no fear if you don’t make the team! There are plenty of other avenues to play volleyball on campus: co-rec volleyball, interhall volleyball (sand in the fall and indoor in the spring), or just grabbing a group of friends to play on the sand courts outside!

Who can tryout?

Only ND students may tryout for the team. Because of Nationals, we all have to be enrolled at the same University. For SMC students, check out the SMC club volleyball team!

What is the commitment level?

We take our team very seriously and expect commitment from everyone on the team. Practices are twice a week, usually Mondays and Thursdays at night. We expect everyone to attend practice and make volleyball a priority (not over school of course though because we are all #studentathletes). Time management is key!

In the fall, we have at least one tournament. In the spring, we have at least 2 ranking tournaments and Nationals !!! Sometimes, we will host a scrimmage with SMC or do a blue and gold scrimmage too!

Off the court, we love to do team bonding events like team dinners at BruBurger or have a team outing! Our team = family! A fun tradition is an end-of-the-fall-semester Christmas party where we exchange Secret Santa gifts!

Fun last tidbits of info…

Follow our insta @ndwcvb for the latest updates on the team and our Facebook for more pics and the occasional tournament livestreams. And as always, GO IRISH !!!