April 1: ND Shamrock Classic

We hosted our second ever ranking tournament this past spring. Playing a total of 5 games the Irish took home 1st in GOLD maintaining our rank and claiming our territory.  We were met with many of the same teams at Nationals so it was great to get a feel for what we would be up against and show them the Irish never back down.  We had amazing attendance both in person and via zoom!  

February 25-26: Purdue Boilermaker Blackout

We traveled down to Purdue to compete in the two-day Purdue Boilermaker Blackout.  We finished 1st in GOLD for the second year in a row, proving that the Irish never back down from a fight.  Spirits were high, and verticals even higher.     

November 12: ND Shamrock Classic

We hosted our first home non-ranking tournament last fall.  Gathering teams from all over the midwest, it was a great opportunity to showcase our newest teammates and maintain our rank on top. We took home the bronze and prepared ourselves over break to meet all of our next opponents in the spring semester!