The second most recent clan mother turned out to be Katrine. Aside from provided a somewhat superficial description of Katrine, Sykes manages to work in the beginning of humankind’s greatest interspecies relationship: dogs. He actually does a really good job of working in a believable example of wolves joining bands of hunter-gatherers into Katrine’s narrative. Other than this, we know that about 6 percent of modern Europeans are direct maternal descendents of Katrine. Sykes also makes sure to note that, ten thousand years following the life of Katrine, one of here direct descendents died crossing the Alps—that descendent was the corpse that Sykes was called to examine thousands of years after his death, “Iceman.”

Time Period: 15,000 years ago

Band Type: Hunter-Gatherer

Climate: Warmer

Ancient Location: Northern Italy

Modern Location: Modern descendents of Katrine are well represented along the Mediterranean, but also found all throughout Europe