PalEON2 Funded!

We are proud to announce that we have 5 more years of NSF funding!

Although our team and goals have expanded, we are still an interdisciplinary team of paleoecologists, environmental statisticians and ecosystem modelers.  As with PalEON1 our aim is to gain a deeper understanding of past terrestrial ecosystem dynamics in response to global change drivers and to use this knowledge to improve long-term forecasting capabilities.

New research components that will be added in the next 5 years include:

1) statistical synthesis of paleoclimate and paleocharcoal data

2) regional-scale assimilation of data into ecosystem models

3) collection of new data at highly integrated proxy sites (HIPS) to support model improvement

4) expansion of PalEON into the Alaskan boreal forest

5) develop statistically informed methods for paleodata site selection