USC game day

Today Notre Dame plays USC, in one of the few home night games of our football season. As I’ve written about in earlier posts (here, here, and here), football weekends are great times for networking with alums who are interested in what we’re doing with the MSPL, and in meeting our students.

Yesterday we hosted another of our Friday Lunch-and-Learns, in which Stephen Smith, a patent litigator from Quinn Emmanuel (ND ’07), talked about what patent prosecutors can do to make his job as a patent litigator easier (or harder, depending which side he’s on). Stephen’s talk was really engaging, and he included a bunch of practical tips that the MSPL students hopefully will take with them as they write their capstone patent applications. This is Stephen’s second visit to the MSPL – he came last year and was so well-received that we invited him back!

I have been working hard today, too. I started the day with a breakfast with someone who I hope will be a new friend to the MSPL. Over lunch, I met with Peter McHugh (ND ??, I wouldn’t want to say), who is an attorney for the biotech trade group called BIO. Last year was Notre Dame’s first time participating in BIO in awhile, and we had a really good reception among the biotech community. We are planning an AWESOME event this coming convention, which is June 23, 2014 – June 26, 2014. Stay tuned for details.

After that, I was invited to the GE tent. GE has been a strong partner to Notre Dame generally, hiring more than 500 ND grads in the past 10 years or so. GE has also been a strong friend to the MSPL, hosting us at several of their sites last year over spring break (posts here and here).

It’s been a great day, and now I’m ready to watch some football. GO IRISH!

Game Day - a view out the office window

Game Day – a view out the office window

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