A quiet week for the MS in Patent Law

It’s been a quiet week on campus, since it’s been Fall Break! I think everyone has been ready for it, too!

I’ve spent my week catching up – doing some writing that I should have done a long time ago about my ideas to move the MS in Patent Law forward; and also taking care of some things at home that I’ve been putting off. Most importantly, I spent this Thursday in Chicago, working on what we’ll be doing there over the next couple of years. Stay tuned for exciting details!

Cathi has had a busy week while the students were gone. On Monday she was at the Big 10 Grad Fair at Purdue, and on Thursday she was at Loyola at their graduate fair. She got to meet a bunch of great people, some of whom will hopefully be joining the MS in Patent Law in the next few years.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened this week is that we held the first organizing meeting for what Notre Dame will be doing at the 2014 International BIO convention. Again, we have big plans in the works; I’ll keep you updated as those plans come together, too.

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