Poems to Grow By


My new book of children’s poems is published and now available from Lulu.com


Poems to Grow By is a collection of 48 children’s poems written and illustrated by the author over a 50-year time period, beginning when she was only 8-10 years old. Written by a female Professor Emeritus of Environmental Geology at the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA), the collection includes many environmental, science, and travel-themed poems, as well as poems focusing on family and fun. Written for children of all ages, the poems are whimsical, thought-provoking, and inspirational. The book is divided into five sections: Ever a Child, Near and Far, Nature’s Mystery, The Rhyme’s the Thing, and Wise and Foolish Poems. In addition to simple illustrations, the collection includes many photographs taken over the course of the author’s travels near and far. This is a book designed for generations of poetry lovers to read and enjoy together. It is a celebration of science, music, literature, art, and family, and of the amazingly beautiful, diverse world in which we live.