Quantum Computer System Lecture Series

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We organized a quantum computer system lecture series from introduction session to research topic session. We are aiming to build basic quantum knowledge for the audience without quantum computing background but interested in, also we are targeting to introduce more advanced research topics in the area by inviting experts in quantum computing.

Introduction Session

1. Introduction Session Speaker: Yongshan Ding

Assistant Professor at Yale University

Title: Software and Algorithmic Approaches to Quantum Noise Mitigation: An Overview


2. Introduction Session Speaker: Zhixin Song

PhD Student at Georgia Institute of Technology

Title: A Guided Tour on the Map of Quantum Computing


3. Introduction Session Speaker: Jinglei Cheng

PhD Student at University of Southern California

Title:  Introduction to Variational Quantum Algorithms


4. Introduction Session Speaker: Siyuan Niu

PhD Candidate at University of Monteplier

Title: Enabling Parallel Circuit Execution on NISQ Hardware


5. Introduction Session Speaker: Robert Wille

Distinguished Professor at Technische Universität München

Title: Design Automation and Software Tools for Quantum Computing


6. Introduction Session Speaker: Tongyang Li

Assistant Professor at Peking University

Title: Adaptive Online Learning of Quantum States


7. Introduction Session Speaker: Junyu Liu

Theoretical Physicist at the University of Chicago

Title: Quantum Data Center


8. Introduction Session Speaker: Gokul Ravi

Computing Innovation Fellow at the University of Chicago

Title: Classical Support and Error Mitigation for Variational Quantum Algorithms


9. Introduction Session Speaker: Chen Qian

Professor at UCSC

Title: Protocol Design for Quantum Network Routing


10. Introduction Session Speaker: Yilian Liu

Ms student@Cornell University

Title: Solving Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations using Variational Quantum Algorithms on Noisy Quantum Computers


11. Research Session Speaker: Prineha Narang

Assistant Professor@Harvard University

Title: Building Blocks of Scalable Quantum Information Science


12. Research Session Speaker: Jakub Szefer

Asscoiate Professor@Yale University

Title: Quantum Computer Hardware Cybersecurity


13. Research Session Speaker: Guan Qiang

Assistant Professor@Kent State University

Title: Enabling robust quantum computer system by understanding errors from NISQ machines


14. Research Session Speaker: Bochen Tan

PhD student@UCLA

Title: Compilation for Near-Term Quantum Computing: Gap Analysis and Optimal Solution


15. Research Session Speaker: Zeyuan Zhou

PhD student@JHU

Title: Quantum Crosstalk Robust Quantum Control


16. Research Session Speaker: Wei Tang

PhD student@Princeton

Title: Distributed Quantum Computing


17. Research Session Speaker: Prof. Tirthak Patel

Incoming Assitant Professor at Rice University

Title: Developing Robust System Software Support for Quantum Computers


18. Research Session Speaker: Prof. Gushu Li

Incoming Assitant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania

Title: Enabling Deeper Quantum Compiler Optimization at High Level


19. Research Session Speaker: Prof. Nai-Hui Chia

Assistant Professor at the Rice University

Title: Classical Verification of Quantum Depth