Who are the players in Hamlet?

Actors From The London Stage presents Hamlet. Five actors playing all of the parts with a breakdown as follows:
·      Terry Wilton – Polonius, Marcellus, 1st Gravedigger, Priest, Osric
·      Shuna Snow – Gertrude, Ophelia, 2nd Player, Sailor
·      Andrew Fallaize –  Horatio, Laertes, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
·      Peter Ashmore – Hamlet, Bernardo, Fortinbras
·      Charles Armstrong – Claudius, Ghost, 1st Player, Francisco, Reynaldo, 2nd Gravedigger

photo credit Peter Ringenberg

Charles Armstrong, Pete Ashmore and Shuna Snow

photo credit: Peter Ringenberg

Pete Ashmore, Andrew Fallaize, Charles Armstrong, Terry Wilton