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The Science Policy Initiative at Notre Dame (SPI@ND) seeks to engage students at the University of Notre Dame in issues at the intersection of science and public policy. As a member of the National Science Policy Network, we serve to unite students who have a passion for science, engineering, or other disciplines and a desire to affect policy change. We work to communicate the value of scientific research to society at large. We will accomplish this goal using three intrinsically connected strategies:

1.  Spark dialogue on campus about science policy by providing an environment for students to discuss relevant science policy issues in the context of their lives as both scholars and citizens.

2.  Encourage young scholars to become more involved in science policy by increasing awareness of careers related to science policy and providing professional development opportunities for interested students and faculty.

3.  Focus our involvement and reach towards the local community by fostering communication with policy-makers and the general public on the importance of science and technology for the advancement of society.

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