Current Leadership (2020-2021)

Robert Stanley

Robert K. Stanley                  Sasha Padilla-Coley             Cassandra Shaffer

Co-President                                   Co-President                                  Finance Director

Hannah McGarraugh           Carly Barbara                           Morgan Widhalm

Programming Director               Communications Director        Community Director           

Current Faculty Advisor

Robert Goulding

Robert Goulding

We are extremely thankful for the ongoing and generous support from the Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values and the National Science Policy Network Microgrant Initiative. 

Past Leadership

Alexandra Chirakos Co-President
Robert K. Stanley Co-President
Agust Olafsson Finance Director
Sasha Padilla Communications Director
Hannah McGarraugh Programming Director
Alexandra Chirakos Co-President
Daniel Howard Co-President
Robert K. Stanley Finance Director
Pamela Bilo Thomas Communications Director
Kathleen Nicholson Programming Director
Daniel Howard Co-President
Micah Ferrell Co-President
Kristopher Murray Finance Director
Chelsea McCallister Communications Director (2017)
Alexandra Chirakos Communications Director (2018)
Cate Flanley Co-President
Pancho Fields Co-President
Maria Cristina Miranda-Vergara Finance Director
Eve Granatosky Communications Director
Eve Granatosky Co-Founder
Josh Mason Co-Founder

Faculty Advisors