Top 10 Reasons to Take an Extended Trip to the Good Place (+3 Bonus Suggestions)

After spending an entire semester dissecting, discussing, and diving into everything related to The Good Place, it is about time we start convincing the four people left who haven’t given in and binged the show – and to provide those who have a handy-dandy list to kindly shove in the faces of said four. Without further adieu, here is my Top 10 list of reasons to watch The Good Place, with a short special surprise at the end. Enjoy!

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Corinne Wehby Final Project

For my final project, I have decided to write a few scenes in the style of The Good Place pilot episode with a twist on the premise. My pilot episode scenes of The God Place focus on Elena who is starting her freshman year at Notre Dame. Instead of placement into the afterlife, my premise is that we exist in a world in which we get placed into our college, and so Elena is learning about her new Home Under the Dome. While I only wrote a few scenes that focused mainly on establishing the world of the show, you can imagine where an expanded script might take its audience: Does Elena actually belong at Notre Dame? Is Notre Dame even really Notre Dame? etc. Enjoy!

Jess Reeg’s Final Project

Sometimes when I’m bored or feel like procrastinating, one of my favorite things to do is take Buzzfeed quizzes with my friends. I really enjoyed my time in this class and had tons of fun discussing one of my favorite TV shows, so I wanted to choose a project that reflected the laughter and good times I had on Fridays in DPAC. I created a Buzzfeed quiz that involves answering various questions related to the show to ultimately decide which philosophy you should adopt. Once you finish my quiz, feel free to peruse the other quiz choices to figure out which Kardashian you are or test whether you are a Harry Potter expert (which I am, humble brag). And yes, all quiz results are 100% accurate– trust me, I’m a science major. I hope you enjoy!

The Good Blog: Chapter 5

A few weeks ago, The Good Class switched up its premise with a crazy Mike Schur visit, and during our last class meeting, we let that sit. But this week, we switched it up again(!) with a visit from Pamela Hieronymi, officially rounding out our Philosophy Trinity: Meghan, Chidi, Pamela. The Good Class got to know several important details about Professor Hieronymi including her favorite philosophy (contractualism) and her philosophical spirit animal (Dr. Peter Strawson).  After an interesting warmup that concluded with two members of the Philosophy Trinity (not Chidi) discussing Derek Parfit’s wardrobe selection and the upshots of his separation of self theory (disjointed future self, teleporting, split brains, and other normal stuff), it was time to talk The Good Place. Continue reading

The Good Blog: Chapter 4

The Friday after our meeting with Mike Schur, The Good Class returned to its regular programming. But the visit was fresh in all of our minds, and we were all itching to talk about everything we’d learned, so the first thing we did was debrief. Everyone seemed to agree that the day was almost 104% perfect. All of us (including/especially our professors) have seen some guest speakers who aren’t so great at teaching what they know to others, but Mike Schur was not only smart-brained but also able to get across all the interesting things he had to say in a funny and entertaining way. He was cool with answering whatever crazy questions we had. We also liked that we got to talk to him in both the lunchtime and theater settings–all in all we got a very well-rounded experience. Continue reading