Condolences to Michael Rodio

Michael Rodio ’12 is away these next few days attending the funeral of his 82 year-old Grandmother Geraldine Thereda Rodio.

Grandma Rodio was quite the lady!   She was her high school’s Valedictorian before embarking on a distinguished teaching career.   I believe Michael received his “smarts” from Grandma Geraldine…

Here’s a link to her obituary.

The funeral is tomorrow at St. Mary of Mt. Carmel Parish Church of St. Joseph’s in Hammonton, PA.

I suspect you’ll see Michael back here in the office on Thursday — please be sure to let him know you’re thinking about his family.

Jim Small

One thought on “Condolences to Michael Rodio

  1. Michael,

    Please be assured of my prayers for your Grandmother and your entire family. May the coming days be filled with celebration as you remember her life. May God’s deep and abiding love comfort you and welcome your Grandmother home.