Asset-Inventory Checklist

Attention All Managers,

An action is required by you to fill out the Asset/Inventory Checklist linked below for each of your employees.  It is advised that you save this document with your employees’ records so that when they separate you have an accurate inventory of their access to facilities, assets and data systems.  HR is requiring that this checklist be completed for all new hires as they come onboard and for current employees by September 30th.

Also, a new process has been established campus-wide to manage certain aspects of the on-boarding of incoming employees and the separation or transfer of outgoing employees.


Why the process has changed: The process improves the University’s management of employee access to facilities, assets, and data systems and ensures that adjustments during separation or transfer are made as efficiently as possible.

What has changed:

  • A new Asset/Access Inventory Checklist  helps the University ensure each employee’s access to facilities, assets, and data systems is documented at hire, updated during employment, and de-provisioned appropriately during separation or transfer. This inventory will be filled out during hiring when assets/access are assigned and kept on file for later reference.
  • In addition, a new Separation / Transfer Toolkit reminds managers and supervisors of other important steps such as final performance reviews, completion of separation forms, and documenting in writing the effective date of the employee’s separation or transfer.
  • A Steward has been assigned in each department to assist the department in implementing the process.


Your Steward is:  Jeanne Monsma

Phone:  631-8963

What this means for managers/supervisors: All managers are asked to:

What this means for employees: Soon, you may be asked by your manager, supervisor, or Steward to complete an inventory of your current assets (such as keys or equipment) and systems access (such as Banner or PeopleEZ). Later, if changes are made to your assets, access, or employment status at the University, you may be asked to update your inventory accordingly.


For more information: Please review the Hiring Manager Toolkit and the Separation / Transfer Toolkit. For additional information, please contact askHR at (574) 631-5900 or .


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