Jamie’s Challenge!

Tomorrow is a BIG day for Jamie McGraw and Logan’s Run.

You may have seen Jamie’s inspirational story in the South Bend Tribune and on-line. He was featured over the weekend and today as well.

In an effort to raise awareness of the 10th Anniversary of the Logan’s Run event, Jamie has added a new twist to this fund raiser that he has been a part of since day one. It’s called Jamie’s Challenge! Click on the Run With Logan link below to read more about this tremendous young man.

We are hoping to cheer him on in his efforts that will happen Rain or Shine!!!

Jamie and his trainers are scheduled to RUN BY Eddy Street Commons around 4:10-4:30 in the afternoon tomorrow.


Posters, streamers, noise makers and alike are all welcome to help pump him up as he jogs by!!!


Thank you all in advance. This is going to be a lot of fun!!!




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