Communicating with Colleagues and Co-Workers

A new session of this class has just been added for June 2nd. Your success in a collegial environment such as a university setting depends on your ability to build and maintain good relationships with people you work most closely with – 
your peers and co-workers.  To paraphrase a useful Dr. Phil question:  “How easy are you to work with?”   You are in charge of the type of relationships you develop with others 
and the quality of those relationships depends largely on how you communicate.   In this workshop, you will learn tips to help you:
• Gain control of your communication style with techniques that build trust, credibility and cooperation.
• Take control of situations that sabotage communication effectiveness.
• Develop new assertiveness and conflict resolution skills to defuse and de-stress confrontation.
• Use easy-to-remember responses and formulas that take the trauma out of sensitive conversations with colleagues and put the positive outcome in.
• Put an end to misunderstandings and miscommunications that create discomfort within the team.
• Know how to deliver bad news, no's and sorry's with empathy and tact.
• Be a person who is easy to work with while standing up for your ideas and opinions.
Monday, June 2, 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. OR 1-4:30 p.m.  Register through Endeavor.  Please call Jeanne Monsma with any questions or for assistance in registering.

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