Going Google

If you haven’t heard or seen the messages from OIT, we are in fact Going Google next month. To prepare employees and transition them from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail, OIT has done the following.

1. Created a Website with multiple Google training resources (reference guides, videos, etc…)


2. Subscribed to a one year interactive training system for Google Apps called Synergyse. Users will need to download the plugin after receiving access to Gmail on the 17th.


3. Organized training opportunities (the Training schedule is located on the Going Google site and registration is available through Endeavor)

– General overview sessions (Demonstration)
– Hands on instructor led training for general users and delegates

4. Worked with our DIS staff to identify departmental users who will be your Google Guides.

Sara Bogucki
Julie Burnett
Matthew Cook
Carolyn Hardman
Linda Klaybor
Rick Kohler
Jennah Marino
Kristin Trosper
Rita Udvardy
Lin Wang
Brooke Wenzel

And don’t worry…There is life after Outlook just like there was life after Eudora.

If you’ve participated in training, reviewed online materials and still find that you need a comparison between the two systems then follow the link below. You will be directed to a site containing presentations on Gmail and the Google Calendar.

–Linda Klaybor

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