Mass for the Mothers and Women of Notre Dame

The Mothers of Notre Dame Mass is an opportunity for our Notre Dame community to gather and celebrate the mothers and women of Notre Dame in the month of May and to honor Our Blessed Lady.  Masses across the country will be celebrated bringing the Notre Dame community together in prayer and inviting all to join in this worship.  We encourage inviting the newly admitted families to welcome them to the Notre Dame family.

My deepest thanks to the parents who have offered to coordinate this Mass with their parish, to the pastors and priests who have graciously agreed to include the Notre Dame community in their parish for this Mass, and to the Notre Dame Clubs that have also coordinated the Mass and receptions in their region as well as communicated information about the Mass to their membership. This is the fourth year the Notre Dame Parents Program has encouraged this tribute to Our Lady, our University, and our Notre Dame mothers and women.

This year’s Mothers of Notre Dame Mass which will take place in Michigan City on May 3.  Sue Callaghan from the Stayer Center has offered to host the Mass and lunch at her home. It is so exciting to see this initiative grow!  This year there are 16 Masses including one in El Salvador and one in Venezuela!

Barbara Kelly, Parents Program

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