Congratulations to Craig Horvath

I am sincerely excited to announce the move and promotion of Craig Horvath from an Associate Regional Director with the East team to a Regional Director of Athletics Advancement. As you know, Craig has been a strong contributor to the East team in terms of production, camaraderie, and support. In his new role, he will continue to build relationships for Our Lady’s University specific to our Athletics needs and mission. Despite his golf game and inability to use his left driving to the hoop, I am confident he is going to be greatly successful in this role.

The announcement of his regional assignment will be shortly forthcoming, while his official start date with Athletics Advancement will be next Friday, May 1st.

Please join me in congratulating Craig as he takes this next step in serving Notre Dame.

Sara Liebscher

31 thoughts on “Congratulations to Craig Horvath

  1. Good for you! You will be a great addition to the Athletics Advancement team.

  2. This is great Craig! Congratulations and best of luck on your left driving abilities – you are in good hands!!

  3. I already have your next work anniversary of May 1st in my calendar so won’t miss it next year. Craig, you are making an impact on many aspects of Our Lady’s mission. Enjoy this new adventure as part of your lifelong journey with Notre Dame!

    • Will do, Tom. Thanks for your amazing friendship and support. I have learned a great deal from you!

    • Let’s hope so, Rich. If not, blame me! I do a lot of coaching from the stands 🙂