Open Position: Assistant Director, Parents

Dear Colleagues.

The Annual Giving & Strategic Marketing team has recently posted that we are looking for a dedicated Notre Dame enthusiast to join our team leading the Parents Program. We welcome your recommendations for candidates who would be an ideal fit to lead philanthropic initiatives and build relationships with a highly involved and most treasured group of the Notre Dame family – current and lifetime parents.
Assistant Director, Parents Program
Core responsibilities include both internal and external outreaches and engagement.
It is essential to implement strategies through coordinated efforts across campus, which keep parents connected with Notre Dame while reaching dollar and participation goals. Having the ability to analyze and provide optimization recommendations of fundraising and engagement strategies through data is fundamental.
  • Internal – developing and implementing fundraising strategies for the Notre Dame Fund, working in coordination with the Directors of Recognition Societies, strategically partnering with Field Fundraisers, and coordinating on-campus engagement efforts with University partners.


  • External – creating and managing a network of parent volunteers, leading engagement of all parents as part of a fundraising strategy on a consistent basis through content, events, and timely information outreaches

More information may be found on or please call Andrea Bullock (1-1056).


AG&SM Team

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