ND Shares Recap: Heroic Leadership


I appreciate our discussion of Heroic Leadership and trust it will benefit our leadership culture. The interactive presentations included Jesuit history, homage to Stuart Smalley, a Beatles sing-along, and invitation from Stu and Mark to make “every pub our home.”

Special thanks to facilitators Laura Midkiff, Katherine Lane, Stu Fortener, and Beth Ferlic.

Everyone is a leader, so let’s lead!

For Notre Dame,

Bryan Reaume


A Different View of Leadership (1 page handout)

Four Pillars of Jesuit Leadership (slide)

Four Values: One Integrated Life (pages 245-253)

Book Summary (12 pages)

Development Jesuit Scholars (picture of bookmarks) 


Congratulations to Team Lane for winning the HILS (Heroism, Ingenuity, Love, Self-awareness) Trophy!



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