Well done, Sorinterns!


Please join me in congratulating the Sorinterns for completing their 8-week summer internship. Their stories inspire us, their work advanced our mission, and the program they inaugurated will continue to shape our division.

I am grateful for colleagues who so warmly welcomed and richly supported the Sorinterns. Special thanks to those who served as supervisors, mentors, hosts, and teachers.

We look forward to ongoing partnership with the Sorinterns and future cohorts.

For Notre Dame,

Bryan Reaume


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3 thoughts on “Well done, Sorinterns!

  1. Congratulations! You were an outstanding group of interns and we absolutely loved working with all of you! Best of luck!

  2. And a huge thanks to you, Bryan, for scouting out such a talented group and leading such an amazing program. I’m really excited to see how this internship grows – can’t thank you enough!