Fall 2018 Frontline Supervision Program

The Fall cohort (Cohort 17) of the Frontline Supervision program is ready for enrollment! Please encourage those of your staff who are interested to read about the program on the HR website or review the one page reference guide so they fully understand the requirements of the program prior to registering themselves in Endeavor.

The program is limited to those who currently supervise staff (i.e., are responsible for their performance review in Endeavor).


Reminders of Program Changes Effective February 2018:


  1. 1. There are two concurrent groups instead of one:AM group that meets 8:30am – 12pm, and PM group that meets 1:00pm-4:30pm.


  1. There is a corequisite: Participants must complete ND Essentials for Managing Peopleworkshop in order to receive their certificate of completion. If they have completed the workshop anytime within the previous 3-year period prior to enrolling in Frontline, they are excused from the corequisite.


  1. There is a charge for unexcused absences/late withdrawal: Participants cannot miss more than two sessions due to unexcused absence. Each unexcused absence will result in a charge of $100/session to their department, and they must make up the missed session with the next cohort. If they withdraw from the program after it has started, their department will incur a $300 late withdrawal fee.


  1. Participants must submit a signed Letter of Commitmentform:This form states the requirements of the program as well as the fees incurred. It must be signed by the participant and the participant’s manager. The form is accessible on the HR website.


Interested staff may enroll themselves directly in Endeavor.

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