Updates to Prospect Management

As many of you heard during the quarterly all-staff meeting last month, Gerek Meinhardt has decided to pursue medical school at the University of Kentucky.  Gerek has been a valuable member of the Prospect Management team for the past two years and he will certainly be missed.  With his departure, the collective athleticism and the depth of our PM bookstore basketball team has taken a substantial hit.  We are crossing our fingers that we can find another Olympian through the hiring process.

We are also pleased to announce that Kevin McMannis will be stepping into the Consultant role and partnering with the West region.  Kevin recently joined us in late March, and may have the record for fastest job change in the history of Development.  He brings a terrific attitude, strong work ethic, and some much-needed height to our team.

We recently posted the Prospect Research Analyst role to the university’s jobs board.  If you are interested in exploring this position, please visit jobs.nd.edu or reach out to me with any questions.




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