Stewardship Changes

Dear colleagues:

I am excited to share our plan for the future of stewardship at Notre Dame! Our new team name, Stewardship & Donor Relations, signifies that in addition to stewarding gifts, we are engaging, cultivating and relating to donors as part of a larger donor relations strategy. Our new structure highlights four specific focus points for the team: Stewardship Communications (led by Julia Onghetich); Donor Recognition (led by Jessica Reasons); University Stewardship Initiatives (led by a to-be-identified colleague); and Donor Relations Strategies (led by Mary Fisher). Many of the roles and responsibilities of our teammates will evolve during this restructure, and I have attached an explanation sheet and organizational chart for reference. These changes will enhance the stewardship of University donors and will position us well for the future, which will include enhanced communications, digital recognition displays, an enhanced principal donor stewardship effort, and eventually online, interactive impact reporting.

 Here is a list of the high level changes:

  • Julia Onghetich will be promoted to lead the new unit for Stewardship Communications, and will serve as the partner to Corporate Relations and Foundation Relations, among other responsibilities including the acknowledgment program. Please join me in congratulating Julia.
  • Mary Fisher, as the Sr. Program Director for Donor Relations Strategies, will serve as the partner for all individual fundraisers. This will offer great consistency for education, orientation, programmatic stewardship, and personal stewardship for principal donors.
  • Jessica Reasons will continue to lead the Donor Recognition team for both public and personal recognition. Her team will execute many of the personal touches of the principal donor program and host benefactors at dedications and groundbreakings.
  • The new University Stewardship Initiatives unit will partner with Michael Loungo’s team of Academic Advancement Directors and will work closely with the leadership and budget administrators within the colleges, schools and important divisions including Student Affairs and Financial Aid. This team will focus on endowment reporting, creative stewardship initiatives within the schools and colleges, and maximization of impact.

We will soon be posting three open positions as follows: Director for University Stewardship Initiatives, Program Director for University Stewardship Initiatives (focus on Financial Aid, the Graduate School, and Student Affairs), and the Program Director for Donor Recognition. Please let me know if you or a friend/colleague are interested in joining our team.

I am excited about creating the best-in-class Stewardship & Donor Relations team in the nation! Please let me know if you have any questions.

In Notre Dame,


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