Statue of Influential Architect to be Installed at Walsh Family Hall

The statue outside the Walsh Family Hall of Architecture that is being stalled today is a large scale representation of Leon Battista Alberti, an architect, priest, writer, poet and humanist. Alberti, a key figure in the Italian Renaissance, was the first to articulate an understanding of the individual building as an integral and essential part of the city, in the city’s conception as a healthy and nurturing community.

Alberti’s ideas of the primacy of the city, combined with an emphasis on beauty, harmony and proportion, contributed greatly to the revitalization of new urbanism in recent decades and have influenced Notre Dame’s unique philosophy.

Designed and created by Alexander Stoddart, the Queen’s Sculptor in Ordinary in Scotland, the statue symbolizes the School of Architecture’s dedication to the creation of well-designed, livable cities and towns.

Please see Katy Orenchuk with any questions or for further information.

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