Kookies and Konversation with Krys and Kathy

Please join us in the new ESC Regional Development Coordinator space for “Kookies and Konversation with Krys and Kathy” on Friday, August 30, starting at 8:30 am and throughout the morning. BYOC(coffee) or BYOT(tea). This will be the last day in the office for these 2 gals as we journey into retirement land. We want to personally thank everyone for helping us in our journey, we could not have done it without each one of you.  Tissues will be provided.
Hope to see you there!   
Kathy and Krys

One thought on “Kookies and Konversation with Krys and Kathy

  1. Tomorrow marks an end of an era! You both will be missed very much! Best wishes to you on the next leg of your journies! Thank you for all you have done for Notre Dame and for each of us.