College of Engineering Campaign College Changed


Tom Fuja, interim Dean of the College of Engineering, was originally scheduled to present at the Campaign College on Friday, November 22nd, but unfortunately will now be out of town on business travel. Tom is sorry to miss this event but trusts that you will understand.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to share a College of Engineering priority with our Development colleagues, we have arranged for two student teams to present on experiential learning. This is a campaign priority for Engineering, as Tom shared during his 2018 Campaign College presentation, and as was highlighted at the 2019 UR Summit.

The Robotic Football and Rocketry teams will each share what the their team does, why experiential learning is an important part of their Engineering education, and what the experience has meant to them, personally and professionally. Additionally, they will be bringing “show and tell” hardware, expected to be a Robotic Football quarterback and kicker, and Rocketry team rockets, controllers, and example payloads. After the teams present, we have time in the agenda for small group or 1:1 conversations so please come and meet some of our Engineering students. I fully expect that you will be impressed with them and their work.

Jeff Arnold

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