Message from the Procurement Office

Dear Campus Community,

We know these are unprecedented times in our history, requiring us to respond in new ways in how we teach and offer campus services. As we adapt, we must ensure that departments, faculty and staff have the resources they need for success, while also ensuring good stewardship and appropriate business practices.

To that end, following are a few general reminders (please see below for specific guidance for faculty related to remote teaching):

  • buyND is the preferred purchasing platform for Notre Dame needs, and items can still be ordered through buyND, which can be accessed through For more information on using buyND please view the buyND User Guide.
  • Our strategic and preferred suppliers are, in most cases, able to deliver your goods within one to two days.
  • Purchasing items through purchase order, the use of procurement cards or through OIT or our campus bookstore as direct FOAPAL charges is preferred to the use of a personal credit card. If items purchased through a personal credit card are deemed to not have a clear and reasonable business purpose, reimbursement will be denied.
  • Home delivery of items is typically not allowed. However, we realize these are unprecedented times. For this reason, approved purchases can be delivered to your normal office location or directly to your home. Alternate delivery to a location other than your normal campus location must be arranged by directly communicating with the carrier for the parcel at the moment of placing the order. If you need assistance please contact the Procurement Services Helpdesk.
  • Coordinating technology purchases through OIT or the campus bookstore ensures that equipment meets the University‚Äôs standards for security and capability.
  • Purchases of home office equipment, printers and ink, and related office supplies are typically not allowed. However, we understand these are rare circumstances and certain items can be obtained with approval of the Dean/Vice President or their designee for your college or school. It is recommended that faculty and staff bring their devices from their offices on campus or use the multi-function devices on campus.
  • There is no reimbursement of home internet or cell phone expense.
  • Please do not buy supplies such as masks, gloves and sanitizers that are in critical supply, unless they are a core requirement of performing your duties (i.e. gloves and masks for use in research and cleaning supplies used by custodial staff are allowed).
  • Please call the Procurement helpdesk at 574-631-4289, or contact anyone on the Procurement team. View contacts at:
  • Practice good stewardship of University resources by purchasing items that are a core need of your business purpose.


In a time of so much uncertainty, prudent stewardship of our resources is of high importance. We thank you in advance for your support of good business practice. Should you need assistance in acquiring items, Procurement Services is ready to help you.

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