OIT’s Taste of Technology Is Zooming into May

Hi everyone:

You may have seen our big news in IT Matters–we are going to hold the Taste of Technology 2020 this May. We’ll present our sessions via Zoom one at a time spread out over the month. We hated that we had to postpone the event and know that doing it in person is a lot more fun, but we are excited about the chance to connect with you all virtually during this crazy time.

A number of things will be different doing it this way. First, we’re asking you to register. Doing so will put you in a Google Group that will be invited to all 12 sessions; they will appear in your calendar. You can attend them all or just a handful, whatever works for you. But the Zoom link will be there in the calendar invitation for you to use. If you have a spouse that wishes to attend, we have a separate way for non-ND people to register.

To register:


Another difference is that there are no simultaneous sessions. This means you don’t have to make a choice as to which to attend. As in the past, all the slide decks will be available after the sessions; all sessions will be recorded and published to the website by early June.

The schedule of sessions, session descriptions and more can be found on the conference website: oit.nd.edu/taste-of-tech. If you have any questions, contact us at 631-7227 or training@nd.edu

We hope to see you in May!

-Your Taste of Technology Team

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