An Urgent Request for Notre Dame Students

The following email was sent to members of the ND Family inviting them to make a gift to the Student Emergency Relief Fund. Assigned prospects were removed from this solicitation, but please feel free to review this language used. The Annual Giving team is handling responses – please reach out with any questions.


“We are committed to all Notre Dame students and their families. We want to assure that no ND students fail to graduate due to financial distress. No matter how difficult things get financially, we seek to leave no students behind.”

Dear [Blank],

The Notre Dame family is always at its best when we rally together, rise to the challenge, and fight for the values that have built and sustain our community.

Today, thousands of Notre Dame faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends are on the frontlines working to make the COVID-19 pandemic as manageable as possible. We have heard countless stories about our current students organizing food drives, tutoring elementary students online, calling to check in on elderly neighbors, and so much more.

This is why the Notre Dame experience matters so much: it forms leaders of character whose skills, knowledge, and empathy help make the world a much better place, especially in times of great need.

The consequences of the pandemic have spared no region, industry, or educational institution—including the University of Notre Dame. We anticipate this economic crisis will have a dramatic impact on many of our students and their families. Early forecasts predict that current students receiving financial aid will need more, and as many as 500 students not currently receiving financial aid will require it in the fall semester.

Helton, a sophomore, is one such student in need of assistance.

“When the campus was closed to students during Spring Break, the University paid for my airplane ticket to return home, and gave me money to pay for groceries so I could eat…”

With so many needing assistance, I hope you will consider making a gift to Notre Dame’s Student Emergency Relief Fund. We recognize that not everyone will be in a position to give at this time; if you are able to join us please know that 100 percent of your gift will directly benefit those students whose financial status is adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am confident that if we care for our families and one another, and remain true to our deeply held values and beliefs, we can weather any storm, under the watchful eye of Our Lady on the Dome. Be assured of my prayers for you and your loved ones.


Lou Nanni
Vice President for University Relations

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