June Matching Gift Email and Company Performance Information

June Email

The June Matching Gift Email will send this Tuesday, June 9 to this list of assigned entities who work for matching gift companies, have made a gift since February 12, 2020, and as of today have not yet matched their gift. These gifts represent over $246K in potential matches.

Please note that individuals on the second tab of the excel file (“Fundraiser Outreach”) have not received the matching gift email message (all gifts exceeding $25,000) but may be eligible to match their gifts totaling $1.3M. You are encouraged to reach out to your assigned benefactors directly to discuss the details and answer questions related to the matching gift process.

Company Performance

In being mindful of the effects of the pandemic on matching gift company performance during this time, Katie Engel and her intern Laksumi provided an analysis of companies that match gifts to Notre Dame. Entities that are in our system that work for companies that have shown evidence of layoffs or furloughs or were ranked as performing poorly were removed from the June email. Of particular note, some of our largest matching gift firms including Deloitte, ExxonMobil, IBM, and KPMG were excluded from this outreach based on this information. This information may also be useful to you in your individual outreach.

If you have any questions regarding this matching gift communication, please reach out to Laura Walker.

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