ESC & Grace Conference Rooms

Good morning team,

As we are preparing for the fall semester to begin next week, we wanted to provide an update about conference room usage. These procedures will be in effect beginning August 10th through December 22nd for both Eddy Street and Grace Hall.

While the anticipation is that the UR staff will be working largely remotely this fall (90% remote 90% of the time), we do realize that at times an in-person or hybrid meeting may be appropriate and we want to ensure that this can be accomplished.

To ensure we are following University protocols, the Business Continuity team has been working on procedures for using conference room space in both Eddy Street and Grace Hall. This document provides the details about safety protocols, cleaning schedules, and conference room usage.

There are a couple of notes:

  • The maximum occupancy for each room has been adjusted according to University’s social distancing guidelines.
  • Additional signage under the HERE campaign has been added throughout Eddy Street & Grace Hall.

If you have any questions, please contact Gavin McGuire or Lana Taylor. If you prefer to submit questions anonymously, you can do so using this google form. We will have a section in each week’s SouNDoff to address any questions or concerns.

Thank you for all that you do on behalf of Our Lady’s University.

-Gavin McGuire & Lana Taylor

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